Another set of tweets to add to the gallery of ghouls, courtesy of bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates.

Like many of her fellow gun-grabbers, Oates wasted no time on prayer and grieving after news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre devastated Newtown, Conn., and the nation. She was too busy turning the blood of innocents into warpaint for her battle against the NRA.

Her first idea? Publicizing the names and images of “politicians in thrall to the NRA” as guilty of “felony homicide.”

But Oates wasn’t done co-appropriating the tragedy for her left-wing agenda. In keeping with President Obama’s “new era of civility,” she seized on a possible strategy to force through gun control legislation: violence against NRA members.

That’s right. Oates is pinning her Constitution-stomping hopes and dreams on “sizable numbers of NRA members” getting shot. And she certainly wouldn’t be the first anti-gun zealot endorsing or wishing for violence against those who treasure their Second Amendment rights:

But Oates questions whether others are making the nation less “civilized” than it could be by clinging bitterly to their rights.

Good news, Mayor Bloomberg: She’s on your team!