Fox News’ Janice Dean admitted to being nervous about sending her son to school today. She also expressed other thoughts that many parents have been having recently, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

Indeed. Parents across the country hugged their little ones a little tighter and more often this weekend. And, today, those little ones head back to school. Janice Dean is not the only parent taking to Twitter to express worry and fear.

Children, of course, are nervous and scared, too. Holly Robinson Peete tweeted about her children’s fears.

And other students reach out to Twitter to express their fear. You are not alone.

Twitter users offer support and prayer.

And extra hugs are becoming the norm.

That is a lesson that can be learned from this horrible, unfathomable and heart-breaking tragedy. Hug your kids harder and hold them close. Appreciate every single moment as the gift that it is.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all affected by the massacre in Newtown, including all the parents and children who are fighting through their fears today.