Wait, what? But unhinged libs shrieked obscenities at Breitbart.com’s Dana Loesch for speaking that truth last night! Huh. It looks like the happy warriors who supported Loesch, and who also believe that President Obama’s Newtown speech was political, are correct.

Hmm. Stop the presses, because media lapdogs agree. Except, of course, they think it’s awesome. Politicizing a tragedy on the backs of dead children? Isn’t The One just so dreamy!?! How revolting.

From The Guardian’s swoon-fest:

Barack Obama delivered the most impassioned speech of his presidency on Sunday night, addressing the grieving families of Newtown, Connecticut with words of comfort while delivering a clarion call to the nation that enough was enough and that the “carnage” of mass shootings must end.

White House observers had expected the president to give an emotional address that would skirt around difficult issues relating to the country’s bloody marriage to firearms. But in the end in a speech that did not include a single reference to the word “gun”, he issued the strongest cry for change in gun policy of any political leader in a generation.

Read the whole thing; they are near drooling over the politicizing of this horrific tragedy.

President Obama’s Twitter feed is continuing the politicizing, in case there was still any doubt.

Non-ghouls are disgusted.

Some lapdogs didn’t get that memo, though. In their frantic quest to praise The One, they inadvertently announced the truth. Ah, the unintended consequences of blind worship!