As Twitchy reported, Gov. Haley is set to officially announce that Rep. Tim Scott will be Sen. DeMint’s replacement. Non-racists, which includes thrilled conservatives, swiftly and excitedly congratulated Rep. Scott.

Twitter users predicted that the reaction would be quite different on the racist Left; would they come out with their usual hate and sickening racial epithets?

And, of course they did. Ah, the tolerance! Once again, scratch a leftist and find a racist. Every time. First come the predictable and disgusting cries of “token.”

That was in anticipation of the announcement today! And after the news broke?

And the vicious, racist hate continues.

Not “black enough,” you see. All “those people” must think alike.

Repugnant. And so it begins, again. May the Left one day judge people on the content of their character, and not on the color of their skin.

Update: Twitter takes one of the racists to task.

And he ups the vile even further.


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