Swooping down on Newtown, Conn., to interview traumatized children isn’t enough for the vultures in the media.

As the nation honors the sacrifice of Vicki Soto, the heroic 27-year-old teacher who gave her life to save her first-grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, reporters are after one thing: a scoop. Vicki’s sister, Carlee Soto, was forced to interrupt her grieving to tell her Twitter followers, “If someone from the news calls or asks you anything please don’t talk to them.”

But it’s not just an interview with Soto’s friends they’re after. Some reporters are so desperate for a scoop, they’re pestering Carlee for an interview via Twitter.


Anything for a story, huh? Evidently intruding on a grieving family is what “real journalism” is all about.

We hope the Soto family can find peace.