Let’s recap: Patrick Moran, son of Dem Rep. Jim Moran, entered a guilty plea for assaulting his girlfriend, Kelly Hoffman. She now says it was “accidental,” but officers on the scene witnessed the woman-beating sleazebag slam Hoffman’s head into a metal trash can cage. She was “bleeding heavily” from what appeared to be a broken nose and her eye socket was so swollen a medical technician suspected a skull fracture.

But you know who’s “really horrible and stupid”? Conservatives, natch. You know, no redeeming (D) after their names.

Sensitive, lady-loving Mediaite feminist Tommy Christopher was so distraught over the appalling domestic abuse that he immediately lashed out at the filthy lowlife. Er, make that lowlifes: Twitchy and blogger Ace of Spades.

In the first paragraph of his (COLUMN), Christopher writes, “It’s a horrible story that highlights an important, serious issue, but ….”

But? But what, Tommy? Domestic violence is totes important to Tommy and he’s all about the ladies, but … but … Twitchy hurted his widdle feelings by including one tweet about him from Ace:

Christopher claimed that “shortly after the news was reported” Twitchy “decided that the real villains were Rachel Maddow, Sandra Fluke, the media, Rep. Moran, and, somehow, me, while using Ms. Hoffman’s injuries as inspiration for pop-culture riffs.”

Actually, Tommy, the handful of curated tweets mentioning Maddow, Fluke and somehow, you, were added as an update nearly four hours after the post was published. Like intellectual honesty, time stamps are hard. And shockah, it isn’t all about you.

As for Rep. Moran, evidently Tommy finds the Democrat’s history of violent behavior irrelevant to the current story about his son’s violent behavior. Gosh, what could the connection be? To Tommy, two plus two equals … octopus!

Tommy also refuses to touch what he calls Rep. Moran’s “boilerplate statement” about the incident. That would be the “boilerplate statement” in which he hoped these “good kids” could put “this embarrassing situation behind them.”

His “good” son rearranged a woman’s face. That’s not embarrassing — it’s criminal, making that statement nothing short of depraved.

Here’s what is relevant to Tommy:  Twitchy’s “horrible” effort to demonstrate that Moran family values include providing cover for a degenerate, woman-beating son and an apparent history of knocking around uppity dames.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

But since Ace’s tweets were the target of Tommy’s latest dishonest descent into a form of Blame Righty Syndrome, let’s let him destroy the (COLUMN).


Indeed, Tommy had nothing to say about this “horrible story that highlights an important, serious issue” until publishing his (COLUMN) shortly after 11 p.m.

Oh, there’s an explanation for that. See, Tommy doesn’t think Moran “got off.” He sees the sentence of probation, counseling and community service as just about right, all things considered. He writes:

That still seems like a very lenient sentence for a guy who fractured his girlfriend’s skull, but not when you consider that Ms. Hoffman covered for Moran, and wanted the case dismissed.

Did he forget about the officers who witnessed the crime? The medical techs who treated her?

Bingo! Tommy complains that Twitchy, and by extension, Ace, “exploit[ed] this sad situation for cheap points.” Exploiter of sad situations, heal thyself.

No need for Google. Tommy read all about Rep. Moran’s greatest hits in the Twitchy post he whines about in his (COLUMN).

Funny you should mention Amanda Marcotte. Because hey, you know who the real victim is here?

Yep, Twitchy and Ace are the real villains, and as always, Amanda Marcotte is the victim. She got her femme-a-gogue knickers in twist yesterday when conservatives, led by the awesome @LilMissRightie, eviscerated the feminist Left for ignoring the news about a Democrat going old-school ECW on his girlfriend’s face.

Like Tommy, Amanda responded by noting how horrible conservatives are and pretending she was already hard at work on a piece about Moran.

Don’t look too hard for those tweets.

Hey, maybe that’s where Tommy Christopher got the topic for his latest Mediaite drivel.

Ace also noted the deafening feminist silence, long before Amanda Marcotte and Tommy Christopher got around to publishing anything on Moran.

Once again, Ace called it accurately. Marcotte was embarrassed into crapping out an article at The American Prospect. And because she thinks you’re stupid, for cover she published a hilarious post at Raw Story: a timeline to “prove” she was already working on the Prospect article when wingnutty wingnuts tweeted her about the Moran story.

No, really, she published a timeline!

Thank goodness! Meanwhile, what’s the #WarOnWomen crowd up to today?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.