If the attack on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder by union thugs in Michigan on Tuesday was, as MSNBC and others have suggested, a setup, it was really well set up. As video from the “mostly peaceful” protest has emerged, lefty blogs already have had to back off of claims that Crowder pretended to be pulled back into the crowd.

Now, video newly released by FTR Media shows alleged “rat son of a bitch” Crowder interacting with his attackers before the punches were thrown. One protester is shown trying to dissuade others from resorting to violence, because “that’s what he wants.” Another is heard saying, “He’ll get what he wants.” Well, Democrat Rep. Douglas Geiss did say, “There will be blood.”

No matter how much video is released, the “he was asking for it” narrative continues.


Along with further background on the punching incident, the video also gives Crowder an opportunity to deliver a nice primer on Saul Alinsky tactics, complete with live demonstration.

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