If you thought Steven Crowder handled himself bravely while wildly outnumbered by union thugs, you have to hand it to Ace of Spades today. Ace is tirelessly keeping up the fight against media lapdogs and their (lack of) coverage of the “mostly peaceful” protests in Michigan Tuesday that left Crowder with a chipped tooth.

You could say that Ace is taking on all comers, from NBC to the Washington Post, aside from the detail that he has to shame the media into covering the mob’s “less peaceful” actions at all. The New York Times finally took notice of the assault on Crowder and the Americans for Prosperity tent, in the form of a blog post, but they couldn’t get the story quite right. Reporter Robert Mackey’s apparent source for his post, entitled “Selective Editing by Fox News Contributor Revealed by Fox News,” was a progressive blog. Did Mackey attend journalism school with Soledad O’Brien?

In any case, Ace has once again come out swinging.

The correction? It seems Mackey had to clear up the fact that the dramatic shot of Crowder being punched was not a “selectively edited” frame from a YouTube video, but a still shot by Detroit News photographer John Greilick. A bit late, but there’s still time to check with the folks who were actually there.

The original post on EclectaBlog has also been corrected in light of additional video demonstrating that a retreating Crowder was not “pretending” to be pulled back into the crowd by a protester. Is it time for the mainstream media to stop relying on left-wing blogs for their reporting?

There’s have been plenty of reports trying to explain away the union members’ assault of Crowder, including MSNBC’s claim that AFP representatives tore down their own tent. (MSNBC’s source? A YouTube interview posted by ProgressMichigan and picked up by lefty blog Daily Kos.)



Shaming the shameless: Ace of Spades destroys media over union violence, Crowder attack embargo