Bingo. Standards and practices has become practicing double standards.

Yesterday’s events in Michigan proved once again that the Fourth Estate is dead. As Twitchy reported, Democrat Rep. Geiss said “there will be blood” from the Michigan House floor about the right-to-work vote. Michigan Democrats gleefully and proudly tweeted it, then quietly deleted. Why? Because “there will be blood” resulted in union thuggery and violence. But, you wouldn’t know that, were you to watch only mainstream media. The lapdogs were far too busy once again burying bones for unions and Democrats to, you know, report on the news.

There also won’t be any need for a “national dialogue,” just like after the FRC shooting.

Exactly! Paging Brian Ross. Remember, he recently tried to link the Aurora theater shooting to the Tea Party. With dangerous and potentially fatal results. But, no big whoop! The Tea Party is evil; that’s his story and he is sticking to it. Even though all evidence points to the contrary.

Ace of Spades continues to take the media to task.

That’s right. Just like “get in their faces.” Sssh! Don’t mention such things!

And, where is Bob Costas with one of his sanctimonious lectures?

Twitter users have had enough of the shameless media bias and lack of journalistic integrity.

It’s sad that a member of the media needs to be singled-out and praised for doing his job, because it’s so rare.

Sometimes to also push a false racism narrative.

Yes. Yet, arrests, violence and rape were covered up for the degenerates at Occupy Wall Street.

Frightening, indeed.

The media is shameless and shameful.

Update: Oh, they were only “voicing their anger, you see.”

And it was “mostly peaceful” and all.


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