Remember Patrick Moran? He’s the son of Dem Rep. Jim Moran who was forced to resign from his dad’s campaign after James O’Keefe exposed his affinity for voter fraud.

Today, it’s being reported that the congressman’s son was sentenced to probation for assaulting his girlfriend.

Moran allegedly slammed his girlfriend’s head into the bar’s metal trash can cage.

After the attack, police described Moran’s girlfriend as “bleeding heavily from her nose and also observed that her nose and right eye were extremely swollen.” One of the ambulance technicians who transported her to Howard University Hospital told police that Moran appeared to have broken her nose and given her a skull fracture under her right eye.

Rep. Moran’s reaction?

“Embarrassing”? The War on Women is coming from inside the Democrat’s house.

Forgive us, but we’re not buying the “embarrassment” shtick anyway.

Clearly Rep. Moran raised his son right.  Among his “greatest hits”: The corruptocrat congressman once had to apologize for shoving House colleague Rep. Cunningham.

He’s also reportedly been accused of smacking around his wife and laying his hands on someone else’s 8-year-old child. Like father, like son.

But, you know, Moran and son are Democrats, so this was probably a “mostly peaceful” girlfriend-beating, no doubt instigated by James O’Keefe, the tentacles of the Kochtopus or perhaps, the Jooooos.

Of course, the Morans would claim “selective editing” if there was video. Despicably, according to the police report, it’s her face that was selectively edited at the hands of Patrick Moran.

Let’s take a look at #MoranFamilyValues, shall we?

Patrick Moran’s conviction is just the latest woman-beating entry in the violent, corrupt album of the Moran family’s greatest hits.


This family of degenerates gets worse:

Via Washington City Paper:

“The situation was an accident,” Moran spokeswoman Anne Hughes writes in an email, adding that both Moran and his girlfriend testified to that in court. “Patrick didn’t hit or shove her.”

An accident.


Patrick Moran has plead guilty to simple assault and will face … probation. A slap on the wrist for pounding his girlfriend’s face? Damn, it feels good to be a Democrat.

A rightly disgusted Ace of Spades embarked on a beatdown of his own, absolutely pummeling the despicable palace guard media for burying the Moran story:



Patrick Moran’s girlfriend Kelly Hoffman issued a statement indicating her injuries were caused by a broken shoe.

This was an accident that has been blown out of proportion. The statements in the police report are inaccurate. Pat and I were arguing, one of my high heels gave out, and I fell into the side of a trashcan. On impact, I fractured my nose. False conclusions were made as a result. I hope our privacy will be respected.

Police witnessed the abuse, Moran the Younger pleaded guilty and his victim said it never happened?

The story beggars belief, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a domestic abuse victim was coerced, intimidated or threatened into excusing and minimizing what happened to her.

It’s a cliche for a reason and part of the cycle of abuse. Victims are terrorized into blaming themselves and go back to their abusers over and over. And now Patrick Moran is free to go back to abusing Kelly Hoffman, all with Papa Moran’s blessing. And he knows dear ol’ dad will be there to enable his abuse and cover for him when he’s caught.

But, you know, the Morans are totally for the Violence Against Women Act, so nothing to see here. Move along. Will it be an “accident” when she becomes another statistic?

What a despicable family.

Thank goodness the media are on it!