Oh, dear. End of days confusion reigns! Today is December 12, 2012, otherwise known as 12-12-12. Twitter is buzzing this morning over the date.


Yes, tricky! Roseanne, however, just went with the simplistic.

Politicians weighed in.

Heh. But what’s with the 12/21 date, Senator Rubio? According to many on Twitter, it’s a miracle that we all didn’t die today!

Precious. She’s not alone.


Oh, honey. You may want to look for an eleventh time.

Sheesh! We have nine more days to panic, people!



Carry on! You have time to further work yourselves into a froth.

This Twitter user hopes the prophecy comes true.


Sigh. Hate to disappoint you, toots, but we will survive the apocalypse!!1111 And more!

Let’s all meet back on Twitter, OK? It’s a date.

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