Today, union thugs brought their crusade against workplace freedom to an ugly, violent head in Lansing, Michigan.  A mob of knife-wielding labor goons slashed an Americans for Prosperity tent to piecesrepeatedly punched comedian Steven Crowder in the face and threatened to kill him with a gun.

But the bloodlust didn’t end there. As Gov. Rick Snyder prepared to sign Michigan’s right-to-work measures into law, he became the latest target of the Twitter lynch mob. Once again, vicious progressives showed their true, unhinged colors by threatening to kill Snyder and wishing for his death.

Hey, a Michigan House Democrat promised there would be blood, right?

Some bloodthirsty progs hoped Snyder would do their dirty work for them.

Others wished that people who voted for Snyder would kill themselves.

Assassination threats against Mitt Romney proliferated throughout the 2012 campaign season and Twitter was flooded with death threats against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker after he won the Wisconisn recall election. Now, it’s Gov. Snyder in their crosshairs.

How’s that for civility?

And now that Gov. Snyder has signed the bills:

Expect the hate and bloodlust to keep pouring in:

This jerk even went after Snyder’s wife:



The death threats against Snyder and now, his family, continue: