Since Twitchy launched in March, we’ve been documenting daily evidence of conservative Twitter domination and hilarious liberal hashtag failures. Whether it’s hijacking progressive hashtags or launching their own, conservatives rule the political Twitterverse.

Today, Twitter confirmed what Twitchy has been reporting. The #tcot, or “top conservatives on Twitter” hashtag, tops the list of political hashtags for 2012.

And it’s far from the only top conservative trend. The next four spots went to #teaparty, #gop, #romney and Mitt Romney.


Congrats to all the happy warriors on Twitter who delighted in crushing narratives, mocking the steady supply of mock-worthy liberal nonsense  and tweeting truth to power! It’s not the only battleground by far, but it’s one we won’t cede.

Now let’s translate that into domination at the polls!