President Obama is in Michigan today, where he gave a snoozer of an economic speech to workers at the Daimler Detroit Diesel plant. As we all know, he loves nothing more than to come down from his ivory tower and mingle with the working class.

Perhaps he’ll send them a postcard from Hawaii.

The president praised Daimler’s totally awesome equipment but lamented that the Secret Service wouldn’t let him touch any of it. He might mess things up, you see.

Hmmm … rather metaphorical, that. Too bad the Secret Service can’t make him keep his hands off our country.

He went on to assure his audience that the campaign season is officially over. For realsies!

Guess Obama missed that memo. The president is clearly still worried about his campaign coffers being filled. He expressed vehement opposition to the right-to-work legislation that passed in Michigan late last week, no doubt largely due to the fact that less revenue in union dues means a drop in post-campaign campaign contributions. Today, he was in full campaign pander mode, singing the praises of union jobs:

And placing his bet on the American worker. Awwww!

Michigan’s Big Labor contingent had been clamoring for the president to weigh in on the state’s new right-to-work status, and they weren’t disappointed:

Obama managed to disingenously conflate right-to-work laws with a ban on collective bargaining. That’s not at all the case, as collective bargaining is protected by federal law, but Obama’s not one to let facts get in the way when he’s rolling.

He complained that right-to-work laws are strictly about politics, not economics:

And then proceeded to politicize right-to-work laws:

Union goons and admirers were ecstatic:

Yeah. Thank goodness he got elected. He’s looking out for the middle class.

But there can be! All we need is compromise. And the president is willing to compromise when it comes to protecting the middle class and averting the fiscal cliff. He’s willing to compromise as long as he gets his way:

And the wealthy pay more:

It’s easy, you see? Save the middle class by punishing the people who employ the middle class!

Upping the tax rate for wealthy Americans will also help fix the deficit:

But let Obama be clear: he refuses to allow a top-down economic policy.

His commitment to punishing the top earners and asserting that their money will go to the more deserving working and middle classes, his insistence on dictating how much money Americans make and how they are allowed to use it, is totally different from top-down economics.

The irony. It burns.

He’s missing a lot more than that.