War on women? Here it is.

Shameful is being generous.

Monstrous, indeed. LifeNews has the horrifying story:

The lead-in to the video says, “A recent study showed that almost one in 10 high school students has been hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend of girlfriend in the last 12 months.”

The link to the video bears the headline: “How to look your best the morning after.” It appears beside the picture of an obviously badly beaten young lady.

The video goes on to show the young woman talking about having a “bit of a rough time,” and then instructs teens on how to cover up the bruises resulting from domestic violence. The video, which is from a legitimate organziation fighting against domestic violence, does end with “don’t cover it up.”

But the way Planned Parenthood framed it, the message is just the opposite: “You probably had it coming, girls. May as well try to doll yourselves up afterward.” Appalling.

But, what else can one expect from an organization that routinely aids and abets the purposeful selective aborting of female babies, and covers up statuatory rape? Twitter users who have a moral compass are rightly outraged.

Heartbreaking and beyond repugnant. Other Twitter users are demanding answers from the cretins at Planned Parenthood via its Twitter feed.

We won’t hold our breath for an answer. Of course, Planned Parenthood is far too busy “teaching” our teens some more stuff. Like this, also from its Facebook page “Planned Parenthood Info for Teens.”



Where is the feminist outrage at teaching young women to “look their best” after being violently beaten? So far, crickets. Abortion trumps all, you see.