In what might be the most obvious tweet of the day, CNN’s Piers Morgan confirmed that he has no clue what this First Amendment thingamajig is all about.

According to Piers, he and fellow gun-grabbers should be free to spout uninformed nonsense about the Second Amendment’s little-known musket penumbras and emanations. Indeed, he’s free to parade his ignorance and nothing has stopped him from doing plenty of that this week in his defense of Bob Costas’ anti-gun lecture.

But criticizing his pro-gun control speech in return? That’s trampling his right to free speech.

Quite the special snowflake, isn’t he? Or maybe, just maybe, he hasn’t quite grasped how this Constitution stuff works. Givers that they are, conservative Twitter users were thrilled to provide Musket Morgan with a remedial lesson on exercising our First Amendment rights.

Musket? That’s not a Piers-approved nickname. First Amendment violation!!11!!

C’mon, guys. Stop using the power of the state to silence Musket Morgan! With the way you’re all but disappearing his national television platform, it’ll make him think he’s back in the U.K.

And thank God for that.