An MSNBC “love fest”? The crew at the network which just happens to use the president’s campaign slogan in its ads might have gotten a thrill up their legs meeting with President Obama today, but we have a feeling they’re just being used. It seems the campaign that never ends needs some help selling its tax hike to the public, so the White House summoned some influential progressives in the media … and some MSNBC anchors, too.

Yep, these guys.

Rachel Maddow was there as well, but for something she termed a “hippie cabal.”

No, the Huffington Post wasn’t invited. The private meeting with progressive journalists was closed to, um,  journalists. Or was it? Mediaite is reporting that quite a few “progressive” media types were there.

With all those reporters in attendance, it’s a wonder we haven’t heard more about the meeting on the news.

Is the meeting a conflict of interest? Of course not. Have the interests of MSNBC and Obama ever been in conflict? Forward!


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