Sportscaster Bob Costas might have stolen the spotlight by hijacking Sunday Night Football to deliver a sermon on the evils of guns, but CNN’s Piers Morgan wants you to know that he’s been consistently first to the scene of every high-profile gun crime, calling out for gun control. Morgan, of course, lends the perspective of a bemused non-citizen, enabling him to step back and observe as “Americans go crazy with indignation” when their Constitutional rights are questioned.

Fox’s Brit Hume tweeted that Costas had managed to “cite all known gun control clichés” during his brief rant, but Morgan was there to offer even more.


Epic, indeed.

Boy, we Americans do cling to outdated, musty old pieces of paper, don’t we? What were those crazy Founding Fathers thinking, anyway?

So, why is that cities with strict control laws seem to have the highest rates of gun crime?

Does Morgan understand guns themselves any better than he does the Second Amendment?

We’d said that Morgan was quick to jump on any high-profile gun fatality to push for gun control, but there were a couple of incidents that didn’t rate much of an outcry from CNN and the rest of the mainstream media.


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