Ah,  little boy tool Keith Olbermann has crawled out from his irrelevant, jobless rock once again. This time, to grossly slam a wounded warrior.

Keith didn’t like Mr. Salzman’s hilarious analogy.

And that’s when he called him “an embarrassment.” But, wait! Poor wittle Keith was totally insulted first.

Waah! Call his mama. It’s way past nap time. What’s next? “I know you are, but what am I?” Grow up, Keith. But, then, what else can one expect from a boy-man who is afraid of girls? Growing up is hard!

Twitter users call Olbermann out.

And Mr. Salzman provides some more background.

Of course! Olbermann is nothing if not a misogynist pig. And now he is insulting wounded warriors while defending the anti-gun zealot Bob Costas.

Mr. Salzman then sums it up best himself.

Amen. Our gratitude is endless; We are forever in your debt, Mr. Salzman.

For shame, Olbermann. Of course, as we all know, Mr. Olbermann actually has no shame.