Former President George W. Bush saved thousands, if not millions of lives with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, a $15 billion program dedicated to curbing the spread of HIV globally. Earlier this year, singer and activist Bono said he was hopeful President Obama would “follow through on what President Bush did … George kind of knocked it out of the park.”

While the former president now works mostly behind the scenes though the Bush Institute to promote global health, many are taking the occasion of World AIDS Day to remember Bush’s efforts.

For its part, the White House issued a statement observing World AIDS Day, overlooking PEPFAR but managing to promote Obamacare.

Here in the United States we are implementing a National HIV/AIDS Strategy and concentrating our efforts in communities where HIV rates are highest, including among gay men, Latinos, and African Americans. We are investing in comprehensive HIV prevention and care, including through the Affordable Care Act, to prevent infection and ensure that all people living with HIV have access to life-extending treatment.

Even critics of the former president acknowledged Bush’s efforts.

A handful, though, seem to have succumbed to Bush Derangement Syndrome, for which there is no known cure.