Leigh Brown is a Charlotte, N.C., area RE/MAX franchisee who calls herself the “no BS realtor,” and she more than lives up to that tagline on Twitter.

This week, Brown was targeted by the Stop Rush bully brigade after her business was entered into their database of Rush Limbaugh sponsors. Behold the Twitter thuggery:


War on Women! Oh, you mean like the one the Stop Rush crowd is waging against a successful, self-made female entrepreneur?


The trolls and thugs came out to play, but Brown swatted them away.

Unlike Arby’sWalgreen’s and other craven corporations, Brown wasn’t about to cave to their threats. “I will advertise wherever I damn well please. You trolls don’t like it, don’t listen,” she tweeted in defense of the free market.

If you’re looking for a realtor in the Charlotte area who thinks with her lady smarts, not her lady parts, Brown is your woman.

Supporters rallied around Brown as the Stop Rush crowd continued their assault.


Brown isn’t the only small business owner in the Stop Rush crosshairs. The Stop Rush database contains thousands of businesses, large and small, that have reportedly committed the atrocious crime of advertising on local stations during Limbaugh’s program.

Yes, the economy is in the toilet and these Rush-obsessed whiners are still freaking out about Limbaugh’s supposed War on Women and hatred of minorities. Of course, unlike the economy, Rush will be doin’ just fine. And it looks like Leigh Brown will be too: