A player for the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend then committed suicide earlier this morning. The player was Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher,  according to numerous unconfirmed Twitter reports.

The suicide occurred at Arrowhead stadium, which is currently on lockdown.

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Rolling updates:

Belcher’s Wikipedia page has already been updated with information about the alleged murder/suicide.

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These Twitter users say Belcher recently had a baby:


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Maybe this wasn’t a homicide. One Twitter user says Belcher’s girlfriend may survive the shooting:

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A producer for a local radio station received an anonymous tip about Belcher shooting his mother earlier this morning. The producer believed the tip was a “creative hoax.”

All other reports seem to indicate that Belcher shot his girlfriend, not his mother.

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Coaches and the Chiefs’ general manager reportedly witnessed the suicide:

(Note: In an earlier update, Twitchy misidentified a coach and the GM as Chiefs’ players.)

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The Kansas City police chief has ID’d Belcher as the shooter?

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The Chiefs are scheduled to play the Carolina Panthers tomorrow at Arrowhead Stadium. Will the game proceed?

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Fans are saying RIP to Belcher:


Let’s not forget that this man reportedly shot (and may have killed) his girlfriend:

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Unconfirmed, but this beautiful woman (Kasandra Michelle Perkins) appears to be Belcher’s girlfriend:

Kasandra Michelle Perkins





Perkins and Belcher had apparently set up a baby registry.

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Some MSM outlets have yet to report the name of the shooter:

Meanwhile, “Jovan Belcher” is trending on Twitter. If people can’t get the name from the MSM, they will find it elsewhere.

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Reporter Chuck Goudie of ABC7 in Chicago reports that police confirm Belcher “shot and killed” his girlfriend before taking his own life.

Police were reportedly on scene at Arrowhead when they heard the shot.

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As of 1:30 p.m. ET, it looks like the Chiefs-Panthers game will go on.

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A friend of the woman killed by Belcher told the Kansas City Star the couple argued after she returned home from Friday’s Trey Songz concert. The source was unaware of prior physical abuse.

Clark Hunt, chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, released a statement this afternoon.

The entire Chiefs family is deeply saddened by today’s events, and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy, thoughts and prayers for the families and friends affected by this unthinkable tragedy. We sincerely appreciate the expressions of sympathy and support we have received from so many in the Kansas City and NFL communities, and ask for continued prayers for the loved ones of those impacted.

Hours later, media are now beginning to report that Kasandra Perkins is the woman shot to death by Belcher.

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Belcher’s fans have reportedly set up a makeshift memorial outside his childhood home.