On Tuesday’s edition of “The Cycle,” Touré went after Sen. John McCain as one of the “old, white establishment folks” with the audacity to criticize delicate flower U.N. Amb. Susan Rice. You know, the usual: Any and all criticism of poor beleaguered Rice is racist and sexist.


Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers has had enough. As Twitchy reported, Powers disputes the notion that Rice is some fragile infant who shouldn’t be subjected to criticism. “If Rice can’t handle being criticized by a few Sens she can’t be Sec of State,” Powers tweeted earlier this month. So she wasn’t about to let Touré throw down the race and gender cards without some pushback.

Indeed. But let’s not let pesky facts get in the way. Touré continued spouting the tiresome line that seeking to hold Rice accountable for misleading the American people on the nature of the Benghazi attack is a “witch hunt.”

Powers wasn’t having it.

That one baffled Touré, who isn’t too clear on the meaning of “facts.”

And, there it is. Four years later and Touré still hasn’t cured his raging Palin Derangement Syndrome.

He’s not getting through. Perhaps a bit of concern trolling?

Um, no. Powers offers a few more of those pesky facts:

Yikes! For that alone he must pay!

Nice! Consistency is tough, huh? But letting go of the race card is even tougher.

It’s not racist; it’s just all about race. Really? Perhaps Rice should try not being incompetent if she doesn’t want to deal with all the criticism.

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