The U.N. is set today to formally recognize Palestine as an independent state, and it seems that the anticipatory trembles have started affecting the social media staff’s brains. The official U.N. account sent out this tweet for “Palestinian Solidarity Day”:

Hold the phone. One-state solution? Gee, wonder which one state the U.N. favors …

Pro-Israel Twitterer Challah Hu Akbar was all over it:

For a while, the U.N. left the original tweet where it was and merely sent out a corrected version:

As it turns out, U.N. staffer Nancy Groves was responsible for the botched tweet:

But the mea culpa wasn’t about to stand in the way of well-deserved mockage:

All ribbing aside, the U.N.’s social media savvy may be cloudy, but where it stands on the future of Israel is crystal clear.

(Hat tip: @einfal)