GQ ruffled the feathers of Michelle Obama fans yesterday by naming the first lady to its list of “25 Least Influential People Alive,” but her influence looms large in the nation’s school cafeterias. Voters turned out in force to demand a second helping of Barack Obama, but Michelle’s signature effort, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, has left a lot of hungry kids hoping for a change back to larger lunches.

It’s not the first sign of a student uprising against #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu, which earlier this year inspired a hit YouTube parody, “We Are Hungry.” Now, with not a Twinkie in sight as far as the eye can see, the kids are getting cranky.

Hmm… By 2016, many of these hungry kids will be even hungrier. Is this the issue that could win the youth vote for the GOP?