Who knew Glenn Beck was an artiste? And like all real artists, Beck knows the big money is in dunking the messiah in a vat of urine. So edgy!

Well, as we learned again this week, President Obama is regarded by some vocal progressives as a Christlike figure, or as Jamie Foxx put it, “our lord and savior.” So Beck knew it was the perfect time to debut his latest “Piss Christ”-inspired work of art: “Obama in Pee Pee.”

Freedom of expression, baby!

Of course, the Left will be totally OK with dropping an Obama bobblehead in a mason jar of urine, right?

Restrain? Ha! There will be no restraint when a conservative blasphemes The One! How dare he disrespect the liberal messiah?




Did any of these libs freak out about “Piss Christ”? Did they get the vapors when artist Michael D’Antuono debuted his painting of a crucified Obama wearing a crown of thorns?  Or is that just reserved for Glenn Beck’s artistic expression?

Consistency is hard. But exposing liberal hypocrisy? Easy peasy!

Worth noting: Beck revealed on his program that the “urine” in that mason jar wasn’t actually urine at all. It appears to be — gasp! — beer.


Beck’s charity auction of “Obama in Pee Pee” has been removed from eBay. His masterpiece’s eBay career may be over, but it lives on in the @ObamaInPeePee Twitter account.