It’s not the first time Donald Trump has issued an urgent pervert alert. All it took was one wordless tweet from former Congressman Anthony Weiner — a link to a YouTube video showing the devastation to Rockaway, Queens, wrought by Superstorm Sandy — for Trump to urge all minor females to block him from their Twitter feeds.

What sparked this latest alert? Weiner and Rep. Gregory Meeks co-authored an opinion piece on Rockaway’s Sandy recovery effort for the New York Daily News. The Daily News sees it as another small step toward another run for office and notes that Weiner “still sits on a potential campaign warchest of $3.9 million.” So, yes, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Weiner in the near future.

Does Trump’s trolling of Weiner hurt the latter’s political chances, though, or does it create sympathy for the disgraced Congressman? Trump also called out the GOP on its “terrible and ineffective” presidential campaign ads, but quite a few claim that Trump’s public calls for Obama’s birth certificate and college records (which sparked a boycott of Macy’s) hurt Mitt Romney more than they did his opponent.

Really? People switched sides over Trump? We find that hard to believe, but it’s possible. Others urge Trump to stay in the game.

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