Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte met with lying liar who lies, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, today.

Evidently, the answers Ms. Rice provided to them regarding what happened in Benghazi were true to form: Incompetence at best, lies at worst.

Not even close to getting answers to basic questions. What a surprise! But, wait. It’s Graham, so … squish alert? So far, he won’t rule out a vote to confirm Rice for Secretary of State.

Or will he?


And from the Left? Good, old sexism and race card playing, natch.


Yep. Americans demand answers, not more lies and incompetence.

Twitchy will continue to update with further developments.


Predictably, Lefties are continuing to bash Kelly Ayotte as a gender-traitor for having the temerity to question Susan Rice’s integrity and competence.

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