Yes, the same Sen. Harry Reid who spent much of the year imagining what secrets were lurking in Mitt Romney’s tax returns is now proclaiming that those demanding answers from U.N. Amb. Susan Rice on her “blame the YouTube video” tour are “unmoored from reality.”

With Rice’s story of the “spontaneous protests” in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 thoroughly debunked, reality is what “certain Republican senators” John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte are trying to uncover in their meeting with the ambassador today. But as we’ve been told again and again, what’s the point of uncovering the facts now? The election’s over.

In a statement released today and tweeted by Reid’s communications director, Reid joins the “we won” crowd in calling for an end to the “personal attacks” against Rice.

One simple solution to the “blatant partisanship” would be for the Democrats to join in the search for answers. There are still plenty who believe the Benghazi investigation is much more than a game.


Sen. Harry Reid blames GOP for spreading ‘constant stream of falsehoods’ on Benghazi

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