Once again, Obama tool Sandra Fluke is bursting with pride over getting something for nothing from the nefarious Patriarchy™.

Yep, she’s not through being an entitled embarrassment to women just yet. Fluke is absolutely “honored” that months of whining, moaning and drawing tens of people to intimate parking lot gatherings for Obama landed her a spot as a finalist for Time magazine’s Person of the Year pick.

Time bestows the Person of the Year honor on “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill.” Fluke may have neglected to note the “ill” part. But she did look at Time’s website long enough to catch that the magazine is totally sexist for including just a handful of women among the finalists.

Still, she’s pretty darn proud of her “accomplishment,” even if it did come from the phallocracy. Or something. Never mind that she’s occupying a spot any number of more accomplished and deserving women could take. Self-awareness is awfully hard.

Perhaps she’s hoping the nomination will help salve the raw wound left by the sisterhood choosing Lena Dunham for Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year nod.

Related: As of Tuesday morning, someone is bidding $110 dollars to win a “strategy session” with Sandra Fluke. She must be “honored.”