Sigh. It was a day ending in “y,” so Chris Matthews felt the need to beclown himself once again.

Oh, he can’t stop now. The “tingle” has settled into his deluded brain for all eternity. What else could explain his latest insanity?

He went on to say that those Republican voters who idolize the Founding Fathers do not espouse their liberal views on the brotherhood of man and equality among classes, but share only their commitment to advance the rights of “white men of property.”

Latest entry into the Handbook of Racial Code Words? Founding Fathers.

Err … speaking of “white men of property.”

Lack of self-awareness, much, Mr. Matthews? Here’s another reminder for you:

Progressives of pallor! And what about the unbearable whiteness of being Obama’s campaign staff, hmm? Or the DNC speaker line-up?

Heal thyself, Matthews.


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