As Twitchy reported, earlier today, Senator Kelly Ayotte joined Lindsey Graham and John McCain in voicing concerns about Ambassador Susan Rice’s role in Benghazigate. Liberals immediately pounced on the senators, accusing them of outright racism and sexism.

Until now, Ayotte’s role in the Benghazigate investigation had been largely ignored by the Left.

But today, they seemed to take particular issue with Ayotte for daring to question the competence and integrity of a fellow woman. In their minds, Ayotte’s presence had the sole purpose of providing cover for McCain and Graham.

Actually, yes. Because what these gender-baiting liberals are suggesting is that Senator Ayotte is incapable of reaching her own conclusions about Susan Rice.

Ayotte herself has refuted the Left’s bogus charge of sexism, telling Megyn Kelly the charge is “absolutely false.”

It burns.



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