Hear that? We may be on the precipice of the fiscal cliff, but Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats are ready to make tough choices!

Reid, whose Senate has not passed a budget since April 29, 2009, blamed Republicans today for standing in the way of a solution to the looming fiscal crisis. There just hasn’t been enough progress, doggone it!

And, in a shocking move that no one expected, Reid called for the fiscal cliff to be dealt with by … raising the debt ceiling.

Clearly he subscribes to the Tim Geithner School of Fiscal Responsibility. Debt ceiling? To infinity and beyond!

The markets didn’t take kindly to Reid’s remarks:

Nor did conservatives, who are sick and tired of being forced to watch Reid and his corruptocrat buddies play fast and loose with our money — and our country’s future:

Perish the thought! The Democrats don’t have time to learn from history. They’re far too busy making tough choices.

Meanwhile, remember the Democrat mantra: when in doubt, blame the GOP.


It just is.