As Twitchy reported earlier, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte left their meeting with U.N. ambassador and presumptive Secretary of State nominee Susan Rice even more disturbed and concerned than before. The seemingly simple question at hand: what or who prompted Rice to tell the nation that a YouTube video was to blame for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11?

The mainstream news networks took their time covering the story, but CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson is making up for lost time by compiling today’s events in a series of tweets. It’s been difficult following the ball as it has been passed back and forth among the White House, State Department, CIA and FBI, but Attkisson’s tweets are a good primer.

This might be a good time to interject: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said “there are no unanswered questions” about the talking points Rice delivered on Sept. 16.

Yes. Yes, it does — as does the president’s unwillingness to make a definitive statement in favor of macho posturing. Which reminds us: is Hillary Clinton back from that wine tasting trip to Australia yet?