National treasure Whoopi Goldberg isn’t letting the backlash over her recent retweet keep her from passing along those things she finds “interesting” or wants people to know about. That retweet was a request from a follower who wanted Goldberg to spread the news about Israel’s ongoing “massacre” of men, women and children in Gaza.

At the time, Goldberg’s response to critics to ask who started the most recent round of violence. Seeing as she works for ABC, perhaps she can ask who started the fight that ended up in the trashing of the “Good Morning America” dressing room. We have a feeling that window that was smashed was just asking for it.

It seems the women of “The View” (with one exception) have Chris Brown’s back.

Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck likened Brown’s (now deleted) Twitter rant against TV producer Jenny Johnson to “verbal rape.” Brown’s off Twitter for the moment, but his fans are happy to step in and keep his spirit alive.

We wouldn’t call Jenny Johnson a national treasure, but many have declared her their new hero.


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