Awww … Media Matters’ “Senior Fellow” Eric Boehlert is sick and tired of Fox News mentioning that pesky Benghazigate. According to him, it’s nothing more than part of a grand right-wing nutjob conspiracy:

16-year-old Bethany Bowra wasn’t about to let Boehlert get away with it:

The truth is more than a hack like Boehlert can handle, so, being the big man he is, he lashed out at Bowra:

Big mistake.

And how:

Hey Eric, #trytokeepup with the fact that your arguments are being demolished by a whip-smart young woman.

Winner? Bethany Bowra. By a landslide.

In the Boehlert-verse, that qualifies as civil discourse.

Naturally, Boehlert’s admirers chimed in with insults aimed at Bowra:

But their bullying was easily deflected by Bowra’s fellow conservatives, who rallied to her defense and put Boehlert in his place.


Hear, hear! If Bowra is any indication of the future of conservatism, the future looks very bright indeed.

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