And the saga continues. This afternoon, we told you about R&B girl-beater Chris Brown’s latest Twitter feud with TV humor writer Jenny Johnson, who has been a longtime critic of the celebrity girlfriend abuser. Brown declared himself done with Johnson. But now, on-again gal pal Rihanna has jumped into the fray.

On her violent boyfriend’s side, of course.

Rihanna dissed Johnson with this tweet screen-capping the comedienne’s many tweets aimed at Brown:

But Rihanna wasn’t done. She found time of her own to re-tweet nasty, sexualized messages from some of her fans aimed at degrading Johnson even further.

Not everyone approved of Rihanna’s snitty remarks about proper time management:

What’s next? A misogynist tweet attack on Johnson from Brown’s mother? Stay tuned.

Update: Chris Brown’s account disappears.