Riots  continue in Egypt this morning, and they have spread to the U.S. embassy in Cairo. As Twitchy reported, protests started against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi after he granted himself dictatorial powers.

Muslim Brotherhood urged its supporters to also take to the streets.

And so it begins.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo appears to have been given the keys to its Twitter account back after being given a long time-out, and weighs in.

Oh, really? This is positive?

More reports from on the ground.

The embassy continues to tweet, first denying that the Obama administration threw them under the bus for the embassy’s disgraceful apology tweet on September 11. Worse, they appear to stand by the craven apologism.

Ah, the old faux-apology for an apology. You see, y’all just “misunderstood.” Like with President Obama, dumb, old “bitter clingers” just don’t get the nuance-y nuance of craven apologitis! That’s totally the only reason they deleted those tweets.

Dialogue! By dialogue they, of course, mean appeasement.

Twitter users rightly give the embassy the business.

And some advice for the embassy.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this situation and update with further developments.