Twitter user @IanDonovanVP gave liberals quite a thrill on Sunday afternoon when he tweeted that Paul Ryan had unfollowed Mitt Romney on Twitter. The news was so succulent to liberals that the original tweet was gleefully retweeted more than 1,000 times. Donovan had previously tweeted about Rep. Ryan’s alleged diss hours earlier without fanfare.

It wasn’t until he tweeted about it again that liberals went nuts … and so did he.

Watch out, this Tweeter’s head is growing at an incredible rate!

It’s true. She really did retweet him!

Oops! The only problem is that Rep. Ryan never unfollowed Mitt Romney. The @RepPaulRyan account only follows one account: @NationalDebt. What a shock! The @PaulRyanVP account follows over 200 accounts and the first two accounts it followed were @MittRomney and @AnnDRomney. The account still follows both Romneys, as well as Tagg Romney, Josh Romney, and the Romney Bus, among others.

Foiled by facts and a little bit of research.

Twitter is hard! However, facts are not going to stop this brave Tweeter from capitalizing on unverified information and 100% incorrect information.

All is not lost for @IanDonovan. Certainly there is a place for such an effective manure spreader in the Obama White House. Rumor has it the U.N. Ambassador job is about to be vacant.