Oh, dear. So, that happened.

Not only did ABC’s ‘This Week’ choose to have on noted political expert, actor Ben Affleck to discuss Africa, but they credited him with super hero powers. He’s totally ending war and stuff!


He’s heard things.

And look at his super serious face with hand gestures.

Case closed.

Geoffrey York, a correspondent for The Globe and The Mail, weighs in with some well-deserved snark.

Double oh, dear. When you’ve lost fellow journalists …

Indeed. Hilarious, yet oh-so-sad. Twitter users can’t stop giggling.


ABC is so courageous! Bravely interviewing an actor.

Twitter users also snarkily point out Mr. Affleck’s expertise.

But, hey, maybe Affleck really is single-handedly ending war with this promise.


Dear ABC: We are laughing at you, not with you.

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