Can we give the race card a rest for just one day? Liberals’ answer: Hell, no!

While many Americans try to set politics aside for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s too much to ask of a vocal group of Twitter users who are using the day to slam America:

Even Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang can’t escape the wrath of the politically correct:

(The image has been floating around on the Internet for years. For non-hysterical background on Charles Schultz’s creation of the Franklin character, see here.)

Aw, what’s all the complaining about? Franklin’s got the best chair of the bunch. And how about the friends who don’t even have a seat at the table?

Where’s Pigpen? Forget racism. Charlie Brown is slobbist!

Apparently, high fives are RAAAAACIST, too!

Lest we forget, Peppermint Patty crashed the party;  foisted herself, Marcie, and Franklin on Charlie Brown; and then had the nerve to complain about the food!

Sigh. Freeloaders.

Wait for it: 3, 2,1 …RAAAAAACIST!

* * *

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