André Leon Talley is the former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine and a current contributing editor. When we last checked in with Talley, he was calling for progressives to boycott a Clint Eastwood film. Today he slithered further into the progressive gutter and joined the other foul-mouthed libs who attacked Rep. Allen West in racial terms when he conceded his House race.

Talley took to Twitter to tell his 128,000 followers that West, a decorated combat veteran, is the “dumbest man walking around America” and an “embarrassment to Blacks.” No, wait, actually he called West an “embarassment to Blacks.” That’s right, he spelled “embarrassment” wrong while calling someone else dumb.

But he wasn’t done. The repulsive Talley also tweeted that West’s mother must be “ashamed” of his “Coon Minstrely Theatre.”

Time and again, this is how conservative minorities are treated when they stray from the Left’s ideological plantation. March in lockstep with the liberals or else!

If West parroted the Left’s talking points and promoted crushing liberal policies that cripple all Americans, Talley would celebrate him as an American hero. Instead, he brands West as a race-traitor and insists race and politics should dictate politics.

Typical and despicable.