Aww, what a “cutee!” In the minds of the entitlement-deluded, at least, who think that it’s perfectly awesome to buy votes with food stamps. Unreal. But, hey, that’s “love, yo.” Or something.

Give us this day, our daily entitlements! Is it for Thanksgiving, for the hurricane or for votes? Confusion reigns! The amount is also in contention.

Some people living in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy did receive extra food stamp money this month. Twitchy found no reports of President Obama gallantly coming to the rescue with special Thanksgiving food stamps, however. What about Christmas? Will he swoop down chimneys, with extra EBT cards in hand?

One thing is clear: Food stamp usage for Thanksgiving is at an all-time high.

To this classy Twitter user, that was a job well done, and President Obama should be free to just hit the links for the next four years.

Forward! Into more entrenched dependency.