This morning, when asked to retweet a tweet about Israel’s supposed targeting of Palestinian civilians for murder, Whoopi was all too happy to oblige. However, the gesture didn’t go over terribly well with some of her followers:

And Whoopi, perhaps realizing that she shouldn’t have been tweeting while ignorant, quickly attempted to walk it back:

Yeah, good question. If only there were some conclusive evidence one way or the other …

That’s good advice. She ought to give @TwitchyTeam a follow as well — our comprehensive coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict is straightforward enough for even Whoopi to understand.



Whoopi doesn’t seem to have appreciated being called out on her ignorance:

Ugh. Whoopi. We have plenty to offer, starting with the truth. You need only take a moment to open your eyes to it.

The need to confirm what is and what is not the truth may not be Whoopi’s cup of tea, but it’s ours. And if she wishes to block out the “noise,” that’s her prerogative. But we will continue to hold her accountable for the things she says.