Indeed. Funny, that.

On Sunday, Lovitz had expressed his belief that Israel has a right to defend itself.

Today, comedian and actor Jon Lovitz is continuing to stand with Israel.

Yes, they do. And Hamas is now stopping them, and is also encouraging civilians in Gaza to disregard evacuation warnings.

Lovitz remains firm in his support, even in the face of hate. Lovitz won’t be silenced, and we are grateful. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to thank some followers.

We thank you, too, Mr. Malone.

Lovitz also took the time to address some sickening defense of Hamas.

Hey, Mark, care to address this vicious brutality at that hands of Hamas?

No. No one sane, or with a soul, agrees with him and those sane people stand with Lovitz in his support of Israel.

We couldn’t agree more.

Lovitz reaffirms his support of Israel and hopes for God to bless all innocents killed.

Amen, brother. Of course, members of Hamas have no such concerns. As Twitchy reported, they not only target Israeli children, but they also place rockets next to their own and hide behind  their own citizens, used as human shields.



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