Last month, a young woman named Lindsey Stone took a company trip to Arlington National Cemetery, where she decided it’d be hilarious to flip off our fallen heroes. A coworker caught the moment in a photo, which Stone swiftly posted on her Facebook page.

The photo remained relatively unnoticed (several of Stone’s friends reportedly called her out for her tastelessness) until last night, when Facebook blew up with buzz about what Stone had done. Today, Stone is facing the consequences of her disgusting stunt, and Twitterers are taking her to the woodshed:

Stone’s employer, an organization working with disabled adults, including vets, has condemned the photo and has placed her and her coworker on unpaid leave:

Stone has earned all of the public shaming she’s getting. What an utter disgrace.



Stone’s coworker who took the vile photo has been identified as Jamie Schuh.

We sincerely hope that between the two of them, these girls can dig up some semblance of a conscience.