Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin has been meticulously documenting the looming threat of strikes at our nation’s ports, and now, we’re on the verge of watching it all come to fruition.

An SEIU strike is planned for tonight at Oakland International Airport:

The strike will start with a rally outside of the airport’s Terminal 1 at 9 p.m. Monday and continue at noon Tuesday. Workers will also picket beginning 5 a.m. Tuesday morning at the harbor in Oakland. Union officials said they have no plans to disrupt travel.

Absolutely ridiculous. The sole purpose of the strike is to garner attention by disrupting travel.

SEIU 1021 and the port have been trying for months to negotiate a new contract to cover just over 220 workers. Those workers include, among other staff, electricians, clerical, security and janitors.

According to the Contra Costa Times, an end time for the strike has not been set.

Port #Strikesgiving isn’t limited to Oakland, however. SEIU is also supporting a strike at Fort Lauderdale International Airport:

Today, passenger service workers are holding a peaceful protest at the airport to try to encourage airline contractors to pay a living wage.

Eric Brakken, director of the Florida Union SEIU 32BJ, said people like [passenger assistance employee Edson Jocelyn] should be compensated.

And an SEIU strike is also planned for Thanksgiving Day at LAX:

As many as 1,000 airport workers and union supporters are expected to march on Century Boulevard just as an estimated 1.8 million passengers are expected to travel through LAX over the holiday weekend.

This time, however, [Andrew Gross-Gaitan, the director of the Southern California Airports Division of SEIU] would not dismiss the potential for severe disruptions to airport operations during the protest.

“It’s entirely possible there will be significant travel delays,” he said.

Power to the people!



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