Admit it: you knew it was coming.

As Twitchy reported last week, General David Petraeus — and General John Allen — evidently aided Jill Kelley’s “unstable” twin sister in an ugly custody battle. And now, because the Petraeus/Broadwell/Kelley soap opera wasn’t sordid enough, media vulture Gloria Allred has swooped in.

Natalie Khawam, sister of Florida socialite Jill Kelley, who sparked an FBI investigation into the affair, has hired famed activist-lawyer Gloria Allred, according to the pair’s brother, David.

It wasn’t immediately clear why Khawam would need a lawyer, but Allen and Petraeus both wrote letters on her behalf during her custody battle with ex-husband Grayson Wolfe – a battle Khawam eventually lost. The judge in the case said Khawam had “severe psychological deficits.”

Twitterers are bracing themselves:


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