To NPR, the shutdown of Hostess, which will result in the loss of thousands of jobs, is comical.

NewsBusters has the details:

The same laughing at pink slips occurred Saturday on National Public Radio’s game show Wait Wait Don’t Tell MePlayers were given a question after NPR newscaster Karl Kasell asked in a low growl “Where are you, you spongy yellow delicious bastards?”

After a contestant answered that it was Hostess that shut down this week, Sagal started the wise cracks. “Hostess Incorporated, they make Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Wonder Bread, Fudge Puppies, Fat Crammers, and Lard Bursts [laughter]…said they would liquidate the company if striking workers didn’t come back to work.”

PETER SAGAL: “Dammit!” [impersonating Christie.] He was operating the machinery himself.  The union, this is true, the union is the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers union, also known as the Everything We Do Is Bad For You union. [Laughter] They make Twinkies, candy, and cigarettes. It’s like the League of Supervillains, Local 619. [Laughter]

Leftists think the destruction of the American system of free enterprise is simply fodder for a good chuckle.

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