Booker is the Twitter-savvy mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark public schools spend an average of more than $22,000 on each student pre year — twice the national average.

The results leave a lot to be desired.

Booker is a savvy politician, so he is sure to add the caveat that more money is “necessary but not sufficient.”

He also acknowledges that some education money is wasted:

Fine. But is more spending really essential, as Booker claims? Many countries get better educational results than the U.S. with lower levels of spending.

We happen to think that poor performance in many U.S. school districts has less to do with lack of resources than with entrenched public teacher unions that reward sloth and incompetence.

Maybe students in Newark’s schools would be better off if they were given an annual private school voucher of, say, $15,000 each.